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August 26, 2014: SynapDx to be Featured at TEDMED's The HIVE Event   September 3, 2014: SynapDx developing test for autism spectrum disorder

March 25, 2014: SynapDx CEO Stan Lapidus Named to AIMBE's College of Fellows 

 March 7, 2014: Researchers Hoping to Develop Blood Test to Judge Autism Risk

March 17, 2014:  SynapDx and the Broad Institute Collaborate on Next Generation Sequencing Analytics for Diagnostic Applications 

 October 16, 2013: Advances in Laboratory Diagnostics Podcast - Next Generation Sequencing & Autism

October 15, 2013: SynapDx Named to the "Fierce 15"

  August 9, 2013: Trial to See if Blood Test Can Diagnose Autism

October 7, 2013: Kevin Hrusovsky Joins SynapDx Board of Directors

 July 26, 2013: A Blood Test to Detect Autism?

September 23, 2013: SynapDx Announces Mark DePristo as Vice President of Informatics

 July 25, 2013: Coming Soon: A Blood Test for Autism

July 22, 2013: SynapDx Corporation Secures $15.4M in Funding Led by Google Ventures

 July 23, 2013:  Company out to create autism blood test, with Google’s funding

April 24, 2013: Largest Prospective Multi-Site Autism Clinical Study Offers Promise of Earlier Diagnosis for Improved Outcomes

 July 22, 2013: SynapDx Raises $15.4M From Google Ventures, Others, For Big Autism Study

March 27, 2013: SynapDx Corporation Secures Investment from The Kraft Group

  July 22, 2013: The Daily Startup: Google Ventures Backs Autism Test Maker SynapDx

March 6, 2013: SynapDx Corporation and Illumina Enter into Strategic Relationship for Autism

July 22, 2013: SynapDx gets $15.4M to develop a blood test for autism

February 21, 2013: SynapDx Corporation's CEO Stanley Lapidus Presents at Inaugural Autism Investment Conference

 July 22, 2013: Health-Tech Heats Up: SynapDX Raises $15.4 Million in Funding



 July 22, 2013: Google Ventures Leads Funding Round for SynapDx


 July 22, 2013:  SynapDx Secures $15.4M in Funding Led by Google Ventures


 July 22, 2013: Google Ventures, Others Back Autism Diagnostics Startup SynapDx with $15M Fundraise


 July 22, 2013: SynapDx Raises $15.4m to Support the Development of Autism Diagnostics


 July 22, 2013: Venture Captial Deals - SynapDx



 July 22, 2013: Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Attracts Backing from Google Ventures


July 22, 2013: Google Leads SynapDx’s $15.4M Funding Round


 July 22, 2013: SynapDx Raises $15.4 in Quest to Create a Blood Test for Autism


July 12, 2013: Backed by Some Prominent Investors, SynapDx is Developing a Test for Signficantly Earlier Autism Detection in Children 



 July 1, 2013: Vanderbilt University a Leading Site for Blood-based Autism Clinical Study


 June 17, 2013: Looking at a blood test for autism



 June 11, 2013: Participate in clinical trial studying autism




 June 3, 2013: New hope for earlier autism diagnosis




 June 3, 2013: Autism trial studies blood-based test for genetic risk factors


 June 3, 2013: The blood test for early detection of autism


June 3, 2013: National study aims to improve autism diagnoses in children


 May 31, 2013: Autism Study Needs Volunteers


May 29, 2013: Emory to conduct study of possible autism blood test


May 23, 2013: Blood test for autism could speed diagnosis


 May 23, 2013: SynapDx: the curious incident of the autism blood test


May 10, 2013: Blood Tests to Detect Autism


 May 10, 2013: Trial is under way for SynapDx's early autism test


May 10, 2013: Blood test for autism?



May 9, 2013: SynapDx undertakes study to verify early-detection test for autism



 April 29, 2013: Autism Symptoms Detected Via Blood Test May Help Early Diagnosis


 April 29, 2013: Researchers Working on Blood Test to Identify Autism in Children Earlier than Before


April 29, 2013: New, Refined Research Holds Promise For Early Detection Through Blood Test



 April 28, 2013: Simple Blood Test May Help Determine if a Child Has Autism



 April 27, 2013: Autism study: Researchers launch national study of blood test for autism


  April 26, 2013: Could a Blood Test Detect Autism? Study Aims to Answer


 April 26, 2013: MUSC to participate in national autism study


April 26, 2013: In Brief This Week - SynapDx; Roswell Park Cancer Institute, New York Genome Center; Diaxonhit; Quanta Biosciences; More


April 25, 2013: Dachel Media Update - Placenta and Pills


April 25, 2013: Could a Blood Test Detect Autism?



 April 25, 2013: MUSC chosen as test site for national autism study


April 24, 2013: SynapDx Corporation Evaluates Blood-based Autism Test Designed to Enable Clinicians and Parents to Make Faster, Better Referral and Treatment Decisions


 April 24, 2013: Wall Street Journal This Morning (Podcast)


 April 24, 2013: Could A Blood Test Detect Autism?


April 24, 2013: UNC to participate in autism blood test study



April 24, 2013: Autism Clinical Study Offers Promise of Earlier Diagnosis



 April 24, 2013: How Biomarkers May Unlock Medical Mysteries


 April 24, 2013: Blood Test Aims to Detect Autism (Requires Subscription)


 April 23, 2013: Clincal Trial Could Pave Way For Autism Blood Test


March 27, 2013: The Kraft Group Invests in SynapDx


 March 27, 2013: Venture Capital Deals


March 27, 2013: SynapDx Raises Investment from The Kraft Group


March 27, 2013: Kraft Group backs autism test startup SynapDx, 3rd funding for firm since Dec.


 March 27, 2013: Kraft Group makes "Significant Investment" in SynapDx


March 27, 2013: Kraft Group backs autism test startup SynapDx, 3rd funding for firm since Dec.


 March 27, 2013: SynapDx Corporation Secures Investment from the Kraft Group


 March 8, 2013: SynapDx, Illumina Form Autism Alliance




March 8, 2013: DNA Sequencing Giant Illumina Joins Hunt for Autism Blood Test



 March 8, 2013: SynapDx, Illumina form autism alliance


 March 6, 2013: SynapDx, Promedior Relocating HQs to Lexington



March 6, 2013: SynapDx, Illumina ally to develop autism diagnostic tools



 March 6, 2013: Illumina, SynapDx join forces on ASD.



February 25, 2013: Venture capital deals


February 25, 2013: Testing Positive for Stability and Growth



BostonBizJournalFebruary 22, 2013: SynapDx Gets $2M for Early Autism Test


VentureWirelogoFebruary 21, 2013:Aggressive Acquirer LabCorp Tries Venture Investing with $2M for SynapDx 


GenomeWebFebruary 21, 2013: LabCorp Injects $2M into SynapDx for Autism Test Development



BostonGlobeFebruary 21, 2013: Lexington's SynapDx Gets $2M as it Looks to Develop New Autism Test


MedCityNewsFebruary 21, 2013: LabCorp Invests $2M in Diagnostic Startup to Identify Autism Spectrum Disorder Risk


January 14, 2013: Studies hint at promise for blood-based autism biomarkers



January 9, 2013: Recent Financings of Private Companies,January 2013




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